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Practically everyone is familiar with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients we get from our food and dietary supplements. Many people also know about intravenous (IV) bags, which they often associate with hospitals and medical procedures. However, did you know we can use an IV to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream?

IV supplementation is a simple and effective therapy with tons of benefits and has a lot of people talking. Do you want to boost your immune system, increase your energy levels, and feel less stressed?

At Boutiq, our IV vitamin drips are a game-changing therapy that can optimize your health and help you look and feel your best.

Isotonic Nutraceuticals deliver nutrient-dense solutions personalized to you.

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What Is the Difference Between Oral and IV Nutrients?

Both oral and intravenous nutrients provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. However, there are several critical differences between the two when it comes to their effectiveness.

Oral supplements include tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids you take by mouth and swallow. These work exactly how you think–the supplements pass through your gut and enter your bloodstream, but only after being digested. Unfortunately, your digestive system is unable to process all of the nutrients in oral supplements, and much of what you consume is discarded as waste without ever entering your bloodstream. Not much mystery there. Unless you are taking high-quality, specially manufactured or isotonic formulations, the absorption rate of oral supplements is often 15% or less.

By contrast, intravenous vitamins and minerals are given through a small needle in your arm and go directly into your bloodstream. By skipping the digestive tract, 100% of these nutrients are absorbed into your body.

Because of how it works, IV supplementation is far more effective than oral supplements and has a broader range of applications. Specialized antioxidants and amino acids can even be infused to support athletic performance and recovery, and improve a plethora of health and aesthetic concerns.

Is IV Hydration More Effective Than Oral Hydration?

When it comes to staying hydrated, the bottom line is that we need both oral and IV hydration to keep us healthy. Dehydration equivalent to just 2-3% of body weight can negatively impact performance and seriously compromise the body’s functions.

The rehydration process is complicated and is not just determined by how fast fluids enter and circulate through your body. The oral intake of fluids stimulates processes in the body and brain that facilitate the hydration process.

While oral hydration enters your system more slowly than an IV drip, it does last longer in your body.

Intense workouts, lifestyle challenges, medical conditions, and sickness can prevent us from drinking as much water as we should, which is why IV hydration is so crucial.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to become chronically dehydrated.

IV vitamin therapy and IV hydration therapy work quickly and optimize absorption, allowing you to feel better faster.

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When you decide to do what it takes to feel good and look good, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your life changes for the better.

At Boutiq, our mission is to be your health champion. We strive to keep you healthy and performing at your best, which is why our patients love coming here. Your journey to improve your health and wellness is what motivates us every day to bring you the best in IV nutrient therapy.

When you visit Boutiq, you’ll meet with our staff to discuss the reason for your visit. Maybe you’ve got allergies or feel a cold coming on. Perhaps you’ve been hitting the gym hard or preparing for a marathon. You may be burning the candle at both ends with work or jet-setting to London in the morning. At Boutiq, we’ve got you covered.

We provide time-tested and science-backed IV treatments, beauty and restorative services, and exceptional personalized care overseen and administered by experienced, board-certified medical staff.

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IV Vitamin Drips Curated For You


A basic quick quench drip to rehydrate and restore electrolytes. This IV is popular for helping to eliminate mild dehydration. Add on a Vitamin B12 push for an extra pick-me-up.


Perfect restoration from Florida’s heat and humidity. Replenishing IV cocktail of hydrating fluids, B Complex, and Amino Acids makes for a great maintenance IV to rehydrate, boost energy and help with overall health.
*Bonus! This drip includes a Vitamin B12 push at the end.


Named after the acclaimed John Myers, M.D, the universally popular Myers’ Cocktail features hydrating fluids, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C and B Complex vitamins. This hydrating IV has been found to support a wide variety of health issues including fatigue, stress, and anxiety.
*Bonus! This drip includes a Vitamin B12 push at the end. This drip may assist with fatigue and fibromyalgia, as well as supporting overall wellness.


Ideal to help you boost your immunity and feel your best before or after your travels. Featuring hydrating fluids, energizing B complex vitamins, amino acids, and Vitamin C.
*Bonus! This drip includes an extra dose of Vitamin B12 at the end.


Feel better fast with essential hydration, electrolytes, and B complex vitamins, to help flush out toxins, eliminate nausea, and reduce brain fog, headaches and muscle aches. This drip includes anti-nausea medication as needed.


Our Boutiq Glow IV quickly rehydrates the skin to restore your natural glow. Biotin, Vitamin C, and B complex vitamins, along with a boost of Glutathione, helps improve the shine of your hair, and leaves you looking and feeling radiant and refreshed.


One of our most popular therapies, this hydrating IV provides a generous dose of B complex vitamins, Vitamin C, and Zinc to provide your immune system with the help it needs.
*Bonus! This drip includes an extra Vitamin B12 push at the end.


We want to keep our athletes, runners, weekend warriors, and trainers performing at their best and recovering quickly. The Performance Elite IV provides immediate rehydration, magnesium, electrolytes, B complex Vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C, and amino acids to help combat fatigue, muscle inflammation and soreness.
*Bonus! This drip includes a Vitamin B12 push at the end. Add on a Glutathione or Taurine push to boost results.


Student, Writer’s block, Tired or Menopausal brain? Improve brain fog, mental clarity and concentration, and reduce stress with this hydrating IV featuring Vitamin B12, B complex vitamins and Taurine. Add on a Lysine intramuscular shot to help calm nerves.


Our top-tier vitamin drip is the #1 choice for those with a high-stress schedule who want to maximize their vitamin intake and increase performance. The Boutiq Executive IV provides the highest concentration of vitamins on our menu, including Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium, Amino Acids, B12 and B complex vitamins. This hydrating IV is an effective way to increase focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost energy. For those who work hard and play harder.


One of our most requested therapies! Detox and improve cellular metabolism with this powerful drip featuring a healthy boost of B Complex vitamins and Vitamin C, a boost of MIC lipotropic blend, carnitine and vitamin B12. Supports increased metabolism, fat burning, liver detox, mental clarity and facilitates cholesterol lowering. A great way to jump start your weight loss journey.
*Bonus! This drip includes a Glutathione push at the end.


In a hurry but still need a powerful vitamin boost? This IV push contains all of the vitamins and benefits of the Myers drip, but without the extra fluids.


This hydrating IV helps calm symptoms and boost your immune system with Vitamin C, B complex vitamins and Magnesium.
*Bonus! This drip includes a Vitamin B12 push at the end.


Magnesium does the heavy lifting in this multivitamin infusion to support you in breathing better. Magnesium is so well-studied in asthma that most ER departments give a magnesium infusion in addition to standard treatments like nebulizers and steroids. This IV is helpful for mild symptoms and in helping to prevent a flare-up.


Magnesium is a well-known migraine buster. This high dose magnesium IV along with B complex supports migraine relief and may help reduce headache frequency.
*Bonus! This drip includes a Vitamin B12 push at the end.

Starting at $89

This anti-aging, skin brightening IV push utilizes our Master Antioxidant, Glutathione. Glutathione helps to improve the health and elasticity of your skin, reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and restore your skin’s natural, youthful glow. While many see a difference after a few pushes, optimal results are best achieved with regular treatments.


This powerful amino acid helps support metabolism, improve muscle recovery, endurance, and performance, supports focus and concentration, plays a major role in eye, heart and brain health, and also supports healthier looking skin!

Starting at $139

Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, may be given with or without extra hydration. It reduces oxidative stress, helps to decrease inflammation, assists wound healing, boosts your immune system, and plays a role in many other body functions. If you are dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, allergies, fighting a viral infection, or have a high inflammation marker like CRP then consider Vitamin C! A max dose of 10G is administered unless we have a G6PD lab result on file. We can order this lab for you as needed or you may bring it from your healthcare provider.

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